This year we have come up with something new. We will offer you 4 different tickets,
which you can book according to your needs and ideas.

Here is a small overview of our selection:

Open-House- Ticket We offer our customers our Open House Ticket free of charge. You only need a registration to plan better.
Enjoy our exhibitors on site, get to know our information sheet, network with other customers and take a look behind the scenes at Yellotools.
Food and drinks are available in the voucher sales. The open house including the fair is from 10.00h to 18.00h
Your-Project-Ticket In addition to the Open House, enjoy the hands-on project here at our house. Become active, build, work and/or print etc.
Get a great souvenir of this day to take home and go through our different production departments in Windeck.
Timetable is also here from 10.00h - 18.00h. Food and drinks are available in the voucher sales.
Moonshiner-Ticket Now it's going to rock :-). Of course, all good professional events must be followed by a great party.
This ticket includes the late-night entry to the after-show party from 19.00h!
Let the day end with live music and some delicious Kölsch beer. Food and drinks available in the voucher sale.
All-In-Ticket This is of course our "favourite carefree ticket" as you already know it. Of course it means All-Inclusive!!!
Open House, workshops, participation in the hands-on project and the after-show party. And the best?
Food and drinks are also included in the All-In-Ticket. Endless fun now has a name. 🙂

Do you have any further questions? Just call us at 02292-3974030 or write an email to
We will find the right ticket for you and are already looking forward to a great day in the spirit of the old and new 20s.

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